It is a common sight in Bangalore to see children with torn clothes,  Disheveled Hair, eyes full of hope, lugging a dirty bag on their tiny shoulder, picking bits and pieces of rags from the streets. Robbed of the right to parent’s love and affection, basic education and support from society, these children have no choice but to feed themselves on the leftover food thrown around by people. Apart from the rag-pickers there are also thousands of other children deprived of parental care and facing financial handships who need homely atmosphere. It is no wonder that many of  these children, devoid of basic schooling and cultural education, cultivate all the wrong habits and manners and end up as anti social elements.

It is estimated that the city of Bangalore alone harbours thousands of such children. It is the responsibility of any civilized society to take care of its  people, especially children like these. Hindu Seva Prathisthana offers a ray of hope for these children like these children in the form of NELE.

About NELE:

NELE (Shelter)  a project of Hindu Seva Pratisthana was started way back in August 2000 to provide residential car to destitute children. So far, 10 centres have been established 6 in Bangalore and others in Mysore, Tumkur, Shimoga and Bagalkote. Over 260 boys and girls have found caring homes in these centers.

Facilities provided to the children at NELE include:

  • Food, clothing and shelter
  • School based education, cultural education & social awareness
  • Sports, Music, Fine Arts, Sanskrit and Yoga
  • Awareness on health and hygiene


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A Home for Everyone… Facilities Provide for Children in NELE are Food, clothing and shelter,...

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