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Sri Ajith Kumar, a double Engineering degree holder in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, that too a gold medallist in them, chose the unrewarding path of social service, in spite of immense opportunities inviting with open arms him for a lucrative career. At the young age of 23 years (1957), leaving behind his hard earned excellent academics, ignoring the glamorous world of glittering executive posts and powers, he plunged to the service of the nation through RastriyaSwayamsevakSangh, being pretty aware of the arduous life of nomadic “Pracharak”, not knowing where and when he would get his next meal. Ajith Kumar (born: 27-08-1934), hailing from a small hamlet Gudibande, near Bengaluru was the son of Sri BramhaSuraiah and Smt. PuttaTayamma.

With his unparalleled creativity, readiness to take additional responsibilities, immense initiative and drive he raised gradually to higher ranks, simultaneously earning the love and goodwill of people around him. After efficient handling of many responsibilities he becamePranthPracharak. In the midst of his bustling activities he learnt Yoga from legendary teachers like PattabhiJois and BKS Iyengar, learnt Homeopathy and laid his hands on Psychology, Anatomy and other disciplines too. His policy of “Concern for all and Attachment to none” and his voracious workaholic practices rightly earned him the nick name of “Saint in a Hurry”. He was an expert yoga practitioner and became instrumental in propagating Yoga in Sangh circle. He authored two books – ShariraShilpa and Yoga Pravesh which are in good demand even today.

He always cared for perfection in work and wished that any work done should bring good for all. He was a great visionary and an eminentleader who always inspired his team to work in harmony and with pleasure. His hawk eyes would never fail to identify capable individuals and he would create opportunities for them to blossom and become asset to the society. He has successfully sculpted many Sevavruthis who have now become towering personalities in their own arena.

Upon seeing scores of youngsters whose immense youth power being wasted either for want of opportunity or because of lack of education he brain stormed the idea of empowering them and using their bubbling energy for the welfare of the society.   His lucid understanding that these people would be a formidable force in building a strong nationmade him to conceive the idea of building an organization that would be a launching platform for the empowered youngsters. That realized concept is today’s monumental edifice “Hindu SevaPratisthana”, started in 1980. His dream organization has trained more than 3000 Sevavruthis so far and branched itself to a gigantic tree with many ‘Praklpas’ such as Yoga Bharathi, Prasanna Counselling Centre, Nele,Youth for Seva,Mano-nandana etc.

While hisinsatiabledesire to improve the lot of society grew by the day, the destiny had its own cruel plan. It snatched him from our midst in a horrific road accident on 4.12.1990.  The demise of the towering personality could only make his physical absence perceptible but his monumental works are conspicuously thriving everywhere to demonstrate the grandeur and gaiety of legacy he has left.

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