Nele-HSP : Sonata Software Carnival at APS Ground, Basavangudi

HSP & Nele foundation volunteers had setup a stall at Sonata Software carnival at APS ground, Basavangudi, on 24th September, Saturday. Also Nivedita Nele children gave Cultural program at their carnival.

nele-hsp-sonata-software-carnival-10 nele-hsp-sonata-software-carnival-2

nele-hsp-sonata-software-carnival-7 nele-hsp-sonata-software-carnival-8

nele-hsp-sonata-software-carnival-1 nele-hsp-sonata-software-carnival-6

nele-hsp-sonata-software-carnival-3 nele-hsp-sonata-software-carnival-4

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